Our law–firm is a leading Israeli boutique office, with expertise in legal representation of white–collar economic and international offenses

Our firm

The Eitan Maoz law firm is a premium boutique law firm. It is one of Israel’s leading firms in the sphere of representing defendants in economic and international offenses.

Our team is richly experienced in representing defendants and subjects of investigations in large-scale affairs.  Over the past few years, we have handled some of Israel’s most notable criminal cases.

Eitan Maoz has an impressive background in the acquittal of defendants and key figures, and in preventing indictments during pre-trial hearings held with the State Attorney’s Office and the Attorney-General.

The firm has particular expertise in complex international white-collar cases. This includes FCPA cases with an affinity to Israel; providing counsel and representation in cases of bribery to foreign officials- investigated or charged in Israel and other states; preparing compliance programs; and providing legal counsel in extradition cases and in sensitive cases with high security classification.

What we do

The firm of Attorney Eitan Maoz has strong expertise in representing suspects and defendants in broad range of economic offences, particularly in cases of securities (fraud, stock manipulation, insider information, and other securities offences), bribery, money-laundering, taxation, and anti-trust – both in Israel and in international proceedings, vis-à-vis authorities and enforcement entities in other countries.

Attorney Maoz and his team accompany suspects and corporations from the first stages of the investigation, providing counsel and ongoing representation at every stage of the criminal proceedings – including custody and bail proceedings, negotiations with the various prosecution bodies, and litigation in court. These legal services are also particularly provided by Eitan Maoz and his team in sensitive cases with a high security classification.

The firm also represents companies and individuals in administrative enforcement proceedings before the Administrative Enforcement Department of the ISA (Israel Securities Authority).

As part of its special expertise in extradition cases, the firm works with numerous extradition proceedings in Israel and elsewhere, including coordination and guidance of foreign attorneys in affairs where Israeli citizens and residents are involved. In this field, the firm represents its clients with official entities in Israel, including the State Prosecutor, the Minister of Justice, and the International Division of the State Attorney’s Office - as well as overseas administrative and enforcement agencies.

Attorney Maoz represented the defendants in the only two cases where extradition to the USA was barred (Samuel Sheinbein and Avraham Mondrowitz).

Maoz and his team have outstanding expertise in cases stemming from the outgrowing international regulation, and the increasing enforcement of global-economic offences, with correspondence to the FCPA, and the UN and OECD conventions against corruption and bribery of foreign public officials. The firm represents defendants and suspects in most of the active investigations in this area in Israel.

Notable cases

In the past few years, the law firm of Eitan Maoz has represented suspects and defendants in prominent cases with the highest public profiles, both in the Israeli setting and overseas. Among them are:

  • Providing legal counsel to a senior official at Teva Pharmaceuticals, in connection with an FCPA investigation and a parallel investigation in Israel.
  • Representing the defendant in the first indictment in Israel for bribery of a foreign public official.
  • Representing an international businessperson in the American FCPA investigation against a hedge fund, in a wide-ranging case.
  • Representing a businessman in an SFO investigation in the UK, on suspicion of bribing foreign public servants.
  • Representing the president of an international organization in an investigation held in Israel, on suspicion of corruption charges in Africa.
  • Consulting to an international businessman suspected of bribery in Romania.
  • Consulting to a senior official in a leading infrastructures & resources company, suspected of bribing a foreign public official.

FCPA and anticorruption proceedings

  • Representing the civilian spyware company Black Cube in an active investigation in Eastern Europe.
  • Representing a businessman in Europe suspected of cyber offences against a central bank.
  • Legal counsel to an Israeli businessman in a bribery case in Poland, connected to transactions in Africa.
  • The affair of the extradition of a senior US Wireless official.
  • Consulting in the extradition affair in the “Trojan Horse” espionage and cyber case, and representing in the trial thereafter in Israel.
  • The extradition case in the affair of the Skver Hassidim associations in New York.
  • The extradition case of a senior official in the Israel Electric Corporation during the investigation of the bribery affair in the company.

Overseas proceedings and extradition cases

  • Representing a top construction company in anti-trust offences.
  • Representing a major gas organization suspected of price-fixing.
  • Representing a travel agency charged with anti-trust offences.
  • Representing a major company in the anti-trust affair in the water-meter market.

Anti-trust cases

  • Representing the VP of a major leading firm on suspicion of tax offences.
  • Representing a senior attorney on charges of VAT offenses.

Tax offences

  • Representing a senior director in the Bezeq Corporation affair.
  • Representing a leading Israeli hedge-fund for charges of insider trading.
  • Representing a senior businessman from the Ukraine on suspicion of securities offenses in Israel.
  • Representing a British attorney in connection with involvement in offenses of securities fraud.
  • Legal counsel to the CEO of a public construction company on suspicion of securities offenses.
  • Legal counsel to a public oil-search company, in Administrative Enforcement proceedings at the ISA (Israel Securities Authority).
  • The securities affair at Migdal Ltd.
  • Acquittal of the traders who worked as the market makers in Deutsche Bank, on charges of securities fraud.
  • Representing an attorney in the affair of Milomor Ltd. securities.
  • Affair of securities at Chim-Nir Ltd.
  • Affair of securities at Arad Ltd.

Securities offenses

  • Representing of a Swiss attorney in Israel, in the concealment of a senior executive’s assets.
  • The bribery affair at Israel Ports.
  • Representation of the CEO of a major energy company on suspicions of bribery offenses.
  • The Holyland affair.
  • The Israel Electric Corporation bribery affair.
  • The Tax Authority affair.
  • The affair of the senior executive at the Menorah investment firm.
  • The affair of the Overseas Customers Desk at Bank Hapoalim.
  • Legal counsel to a former Prime Minister in a criminal enquiry proceeding.

Bribery, Fraud
and Money-Laundering offences

Professional background

Eitan Maoz has an LLB from Tel Aviv University and a BA in Economics and Political Science from Bar-Ilan University.

Maoz interned with Supreme Court President, Justice Meir Shamgar, as his final intern before Shamgar retired from the bench.

In 1996 Maoz was admitted to the Israel Bar Association and soon after joined the law firm of former Minister of Justice, Prof David Libai, where he served as a senior attorney for seven years.

After a year overseas, he opened his own firm in 2005.

In 2007 he was a candidate for the position of State-Attorney.

His principal fields of expertise are white-collar offenses with an economic orientation, extradition law, securities offenses, international offenses, money-laundering, taxation cases, anti-trust, corporate offenses, and public and administrative law – Including cases requiring high security classification.

Eitan is a frequent guest lecturer in his spheres of expertise, at professional conferences and on many panels. He has given lectures before the Israel Bar Association’s Institute of Further Training, and the Public Prosecution.

In recent years he has served as a member and Deputy-Chairman of the Capital Markets Committee Commission of the Economic Forum of the Bar Association



Danielle Einav, born in the United States, holds an LLB degree and a BA in Political Science. She joined the firm in 2012.

Attorney Einav works alongside Eitan Maoz in prominent white-collar proceedings, and accompanies suspects and defendants involved in a range of economic cases - securities, bribery, money-laundering, taxation, antitrust, among others.

Since joining the firm, Danielle has been involved in significant achievements in the numerous cases she handled, including acquittals, avoidance of criminal convictions, and the closing of files without charges.

She has also represented suspects in extradition proceedings and accompanied suspects in international proceedings - in Israel and elsewhere.



Stav Schwartzberg holds an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University.

Attorney Schwartzberg interned at the Central District Attorney's Office (Criminal Division).

Prior to her internship, she worked as a pre-intern at Spigelman, Koren, Zamir & Co., in the firm's white-collar department.

Attorney Schwartzberg works alongside the firm's team on white-collar cases, and particularly accompanies clients and defendants under investigation on economic and international offenses.



Our office is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, close to the historic building of the World Zionist Federation – walking distance from the Tel Aviv court, and near the Ayalon Highway.


Contact details:

Our address:
17 Eliezer Kaplan Street, Tel Aviv 6473418

Phone: +972-3-5798801 | Fax: +972-3-5798802

Or by email: office@maoz-law.co.il

Direct mail to Eitan: eitan@maoz-law.co.il

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